Friday, April 2, 2010

Day Two, Poem #2 - Radio Wave Propagation

Radio Wave Propagation
NaPoWriMo #2– the ol’ acronym switcheroo

There was a time when long rooms
were filled with wires
lit by the nascent glow of
vacuum tubes.

Dust in the air smelled of
warm chipboard, of
solder and the oils
of clacking typewriters.

Men hunched closely over
dials and oscilloscopes,
sweaty white shirts yellowing
in the spiderlight.

Black-rimmed glasses
refracted the readouts,
magnified the subtle proofs
from thin textbook pages.

And from the silence
a low hum reverberates,
shaking the surface of dozens of
cups of cold black coffee.


From the acronym search on the letters RWP


  1. I like this one! really nice :)

  2. Very cool, in a 1950s, Univac sorta way. Well done.

  3. terry de lucychili,

    five and nine here YL,
    five and nine,

    Lovely description
    reminds me of my grandfather's room
    full of humming mystery


  4. I think that this one really spoke to me as a scientist. Rare that I see a poem and feel that way about it.

  5. The subtlety sneaks up on you. Your language is rich and specific. Well done!