Monday, April 19, 2010

Day Eighteen, Poem #18 - Elemental Whiskertwitch

Elemental Whiskertwitch
NaPoWriMo prompts #18 – meow!

The first feline was made of air
the purr of wind carving
across the surface of
continental shelves
and meowing past
the mouths of caves.

The second feline was made of earth
inverted hummocks of detritus
warm beds carved for
the fur sleek beasts
slipping quiet in
foggy nighttimes.

The third feline was made of water
large bright eyes glowing
running between raindrops
and leaping puddle widths
and lengths
with silent abandon.

The fourth feline was made of fire
the claws of destruction
cracking the eggshells of
passing moments
teasing them
into becoming real.

The fifth feline was made of spirit
and bound in sinew
to be a guardian
and a muse to
tired bipeds cursed with
too-long lives.

It takes us many cats to exist in full.
That is both our fortune
and our disgrace.

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